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WordPress for B2B Website Design

The eCommerce world is divided between 2 distinct factors: e-commerce B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer): in B2C e-commerce, the customer is definitely the final consumer, however in e-commerce B2B the customer is another company.

It is now just a matter of a plugin that you have to install and get it rolling. The plugin will help you achieve the following goals:

1) It will help you in lead generation for your clients.

2) The digital marketing system o your site will get automated.

3) The site will be web and mobile responsive.

4) Your clients will see a better return on investment (ROI)

Looking for a comprehensive solution for your b2b e-commerce?

Stop your search, WooCommerce B2B is finally here!

With WooCommerce B2B you have all the main features required at your disposal to build a successful wholesale b2b e-commerce in only one solution.

WooCommerce B2B is a plugin that simply allows you to enable Business-to-Business mode in your WooCommerce shop, and to use it for wholesale.

By enabling WooCommerce B2B, you can display prices only and only to logged in customers, moderate registration, and only allow orders reaching a minimum order amount, add new useful fields to products and checkout page… and now also manage and enhance product categories visibility!

List of Features

Hide price from guest users

Only registered and logged in customers can see product prices and can proceed for a purchase.

Vat number field in billing address and in email

Add mandatory VAT number field in billing address, in order email and in order details in the backend area.

Product discount by customer group

Create different customer groups with customized discount percentage to differentiate the various price lists.

Disable payment gateways by customer group

In every group you can decide to disable payment methods to customers belonging to a specific group.

Product categories visible by group

When enabled, every customer group can be set to view only some of the product categories depending on the group category. Obviously, also products belonging to the not allowed product categories will be hidden.

Extended registration form

Add extend registration form with all the required billing fields.

Themes which are specially designed for b2b e-commerce:

  • Floris – Fashion Shopping Theme
  • Infinituum | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

so, why wait? Contact us and we would take your b2b business to greater heights!