The WordPress Training

WordPress, today is one of the most powerful web development tools. So, mastering this technique is very much important if you wish to make a successful career in web development. We can provide you WordPress training on an hourly basis whether you are a novice or a WordPress site owner wishing to manage the site on your own.

This WordPress training course will teach you one of the biggest website creation tools available in the market today. You will develop full expertise in the installation, configuration and setup of WordPress. The courses also include creation of content, managing and working with WordPress Plugins.

What do you usually learn in a WordPress training course?

  • Introducing you to WordPress and its features
  • Need of this tool and its advanced features
  • Creating, managing and maintaining the website at your own end
  • Integrating multimedia like audio, video and images into the website
  • Customization of the page and managing comments
  • Learning Various widgets available
  • Learn Sharing your content on various platforms
  • Learn Deploying security measures in WordPress

Who should take up WordPress training course?

  • All Website Builders
  • All WordPress Developers
  • All Bloggers
  • Anyone interested in WordPress

What are the Prerequisites for taking up a WordPress training course?

Anybody regardless of their skills can take up and excel in a WordPress training course and take their career to new dimensions. However, a basic knowledge of HTML and PHP can be extremely handy and helpful.

Why should anyone take up a WordPress training course?

The statistics speaks a lot as to why should anyone invest time and money on a good WordPress course:

  • 48% of world’s blogs are powered by WordPress
  • 26% of all websites today globally are powered by WordPress
  • A WordPress Content Manager in the United States can earn an excellent salary of $100,000 or more per annum

Due to the rising business demands for brands to get on the digital platforms, there is a essential need for WordPress professionals who can manage the digital presence of brands on their own. This could be taken care of by the websites or blogs that they handle and maintain. WordPress is a highly cost-efficient web development platform, easy to implement and monitor, thus giving rise to a variety of jobs for expert WordPress professionals all over the globe.